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How long does it take?

This is specific to the Equipment Appraisal assignment. On most small assignments, we can usually have the report completed within 3-7 days after we have received all of the data. Larger assignments may be 7 -14 days. Please call or email us and we can give you a specific time to do your appraisal.


The cost to provide on a number of factors for your specific appraisal assignment such as the number of individual items that are being appraised, whether the equipment is located at multiple locations or are they all at one location, whether it is an On-site or a Desktop Appraisal. 

We will provide the most cost-effective proposal based on your individual needs. For example, we can determine if an On-site or a Desktop Appraisal is appropriate and what the threshold level to appraise items individually or by category.

Since there are so many variables, we will provide a written quote for your specific assignment and will guaranty the appraisal cost prior to performing the appraisal. 


For a Quote

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