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Why Appraiser Certification Is Important

An appraiser that is certified by the NEBB Institute has received and passed the training to perform Equipment Appraisals that comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, aka USPAP. Further they adhere to a Code of Ethics to ensure that your appraisal is done competently and accurately so that it is irrefutable and will withstand scrutiny.


Our appraisers are Certified by the NEBB Institute.


When Is a Certified Appraisal Required?

(vs. a report by an uncertified appraiser)

Whenever an independent, third-party, USPAP compliant Equipment Appraisal Report is required to substantiate the value of the equipment. Here are some, but not all reasons, when a certified equipment appraisal is needed (click any link for more information):


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