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Machine and Equipment Appraisals

AMEA provides independent, third-party, USPAP compliant appraisals for use by Bank Lenders, Attorneys, CPA's, Business Owners, Sellers, and Buyers. Our appraisers are Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, CMEA, by the NEBB Institute. 


Machinery & Equipment We Appraise

Our equipment appraisers provide equipment appraisal services across a wide range of industries. We have expertise in appraising machinery, equipment and technical specialties including, but not limited to:

  • Construction and Heavy Equipment (Dozers, Cranes, Backhoes, etc.)

  • Machine Shop (CNC Mills, lathes, presses, etc.)

  • Manufacturing (conveyors, packaging, custom machinery, etc.)

  • Woodworking (Saws, Drills, lasers, etc.)

  • Trucking (Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, etc.)

  • Paving Equipment (Pavers, Dumps, etc.)

  • Industrial (Storage tank and silos, custom equipment, etc.)

  • Farm Equipment (Tractors, Combines, etc.)

  • Warehouse and Logistics (Trucking, Forklifts, Lift Trucks, etc.)

  • Medical Practices

  • Dental Practices

  • Restaurant

  • Computer and IT 

  • Auto Repair

  • Landscaping

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Certified Appraisals

Whenever an independent, third-party, USPAP compliant Equipment Appraisal Report is required to substantiate the value of the equipment. Here are some, but not all reasons, when a certified equipment appraisal is needed:

  • Equipment Loans 

  • Litigation Support 

  • Divorce –

  • Tax Deductible Donations 

  • Insurance 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Sales 

  • Estate/Probate 

  • Bankruptcy 

  • C Corporation to S Corporation Conversion 

  • Lease Buyouts 

Why choose AMEA?

Alliance Machinery and Equipment Appraisals is a leading, regional, equipment appraisal company. We are not equipment dealers or equipment broker. We do not appraise real estate, works of art, or collectibles. We specialize in machinery and equipment appraisals and have the training, experience, and resources to provide you with a Certified, Machine and Equipment Appraisal that meet the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) guidelines that will withstand scrutiny by the courts, attorneys, the SBA, and the IRS.


Our appraisers have the designation of Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser by the NEBB Institute, one of the nationally recognized education and accreditation organizations. Also they have been recognized and accepted as Expert Witnesses in court.


We offer competitive rates and  prompt services.


What type of Appraisal do I need?

We offer On-site and Desktop Appraisals


All Equipment Appraisals require that three specific tasks be performed:

  1. Data Collection

  2. Research to find values

  3. Writing the Equipment Appraisal Report


For an On-site Equipment Appraisal, the appraiser will perform all three of the above tasks.


For a Desktop Equipment appraisal, the appraiser will rely on a third party (owner or client) to provide the Data Collection, the first task on the above list. This involves providing the appraiser with specific information for each of the items to be appraised individually.

There are cases when a Desktop Appraisal Report would not be appropriate


Both types of Appraisal Reports comply with the Uniform Standards of Uniform Appraisal Practice aka USPAP. 


How long does an Equipment Appraisal take?

This is specific to the Equipment Appraisal assignment.


On most small assignments, we can usually have the report completed within 3-7 days after we have received all of the data. Larger assignments may be 7 -14 days.


Please call or email us and we can give you a specific time to do your appraisal.

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How much does an Equipment Appraisal Cost?

The cost to provide on a number of factors for your specific appraisal assignment such as the number of individual items that are being appraised, whether the equipment is located at multiple locations or are they all at one location, whether it is an On-site or a Desktop Appraisal. 

We will provide the most cost-effective proposal based on your individual needs. For example, we can determine if an On-site or a Desktop Appraisal is appropriate and what the threshold level to appraise items individually or by category.

Since there are so many variables, we will provide a written quote for your specific assignment and will guaranty the appraisal cost prior to performing the appraisal. 

The first step is to call or email us and we will let you know what we need in order to provide a quote.

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